The Junior Livestock Auction will be held at 2:00PM on August 24, 2024 next to the Swine Barn at Kitsap Fair and Stampede.  

Learn more about the auction from this 1-page flyer.

Unfamiliar with the Junior Livestock Auction?

The auction is held in conjuction with the Kitsap Fair & Stampede and is open to any youth aged 8-18 that is able to attend.  Members of 4H, FFA, or Open Class participants are encouraged to enter no more than two total entries from any animal class: steer, swine, lamb, goat, rabbit, or poultry.  Participants are required to keep records of their project, complete the current year's Youth Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program, sell raffle tickets in support of the KJLA Scholarship Program, and more.   For detailed information about participation, please find the Market Rules in the Resources.